An Important Message

Dear Members of our Community,
In response to the need for social distancing & precautionary measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, the Rochester Mindful Capoeira Center is temporarily closed. We believe this is the best way to do our part & protect our community. Be well & thank you for your continued support!

About Us

Two people play a game of capoeira inside the roda (circle)

What is Capoeira?

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art, created by slaves and hidden through dance and music. Capoeira is played as a game between two practitioners inside of a circle of spectators, other capoeira players, and a band of musicians.

This beautiful and strong martial art came to be in the mid 1500s, when slaves were torn from Africa and shipped the newly discovered Americas. Under the watchful eye of the slave owner, capoeira appeared as a harmless dance and music. After the abolition of slavery in 1888, capoeira survived in the poorer neighborhoods (despite persecution from police) until it's legalization in the 1930s. 

Today, capoeira is celebrated and practiced around the world.

Our group, Capoeira Angola Quintal,  practices a style of capoeira called "Mindful Capoeira" - learned, practiced and developed by our group's Master, Mestre Ombrinho. The following points distinguish "Mindful Capoeira" from other capoeira practices:

  • a way to learn and practice capoeira that promotes longevity and a lifelong practice 
  • use and mastery of capoeira's basic movements
  • developing intelligence over speed and force
  • emphasizing cooperation over competition
  • proper technique and control over violence–uncontrolled technique, physical contact and especially violence are not permitted
  • learning from the wisdom of the elder masters
  • accessible to people of all ages and abilities
  • building a supportive and inclusive community
  • celebrating freedom and diversity

Students practice the basic movement of capoeira, the ginga, in a class


All regular classes at our studio are cancelled as of 3/18/20.

We are happy to be able to offer a variety of virtual classes, daily, to our CAQ community, with our teachers from across the nation.

This is a great opportunity to feel some connection and stay healthy and engaged, even while we all observe social distancing recommendations. See you online!

To sign up, fill out the contact form below and we'll get right back to you with more information on how to join our classes online!

All classes are open and accessible to everyone. Beginners welcome. 

Movements, music, and Brazilian culture make capoeira classes unique and challenging. There is grace, beauty, risk, reward, and danger. Capoeira can be played by everyone; strength and flexibility are not required - only a desire to learn!

Instrutor Espião and Mestre Ombrinho playing berimbau and singing on the bateria.

Our Teachers


Instrutor Espião (Greg Hollar) is the lead capoeira instructor at the Rochester Mindful Capoeira Center and has been training for over 20 years.


Mestre Ombrinho (Michael Goldstein) began studying Capoeira in 1981. In 1987, he became a disciple of Grand Master Norival Moreira de Oliveira, Mestre Nô, of Bahia and joined Capoeira Angola Palmares. Ombrinho became a master in 1996 under Mestre Nô. He has been teaching in New York since 1988, and is the founder and head instructor of the New York Mindful Capoeira Center and Capoeira Angola Quintal (CAQ). He has graduated many fine practitioners and instructors, both men and women. Today he has many amazing teachers and CAQ chapters across the country, including: New York City, Ithaca, Rochester, Boston, San Francisco and Roanoke.

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Our classes are open and accessible to everyone. Beginners welcome.

Located in Studio #205 (second floor).

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